Brew Like A Girl

Why Brew Like A Girl? Because women were the Brewers in homes and communities from antiquity, and as hobbies go, few reveal so much about the hidden world around us. And what other hobby gifts us with cases of beer for our trouble?

Making great beer isn’t hard, contrary to the impression that some of our gentlemen friends may have imparted. Brewing is both art and science, so while you can nerd out to your inner organic chemist’s delight if that’s your thing, you can also look at the practice as a way to highlight the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs of your backyard garden, or as a chance to forage through your urban neighborhood and become acquainted with some of the plants you’ve always thought of as weeds.

And then there are the microbes, which are everywhere. Brewers learn first hand how thoroughly the world around us is inhabited – and that many of those inhabitants are more than friends to us. The organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae, innocuous and invisible, is very likely responsible for the development of civilization itself. It might not be such a big deal to haul around a ball of sourdough or a loaf of bread, but just imagine dragging these through a nomadic existence:

Egyptian wine vessels, made of baked clay
5000 year old Egyptian wine vessels. Humans faced a dilemma: Remain nomadic and live the Paleo lifestyle, or settle down to daily drinking. We made the right call.

Brew Like A Girl isn’t just another home brew forum and shop. It’s a way of approaching fermentation, and the magical transformation it creates, with a sense of adventure, excitement, and creativity.

Welcome. You don’t have to be a girl (or woman) to make full use of the site and our resources, but we really think you’ll love it when you start to Brew Like A Girl.